Continuing Student Merit Scholarship

In subsequent semesters after the initial admissions scholarship, students are eligible for a Continuing Student Merit Scholarship. For continuing students, the minimum GPA standard (Cumulative Grade Point Average [CGPA] or Combined Grade Point Average [CBGPA]) is 3.60 from the prior semester to receive a Continuing Merit-Based Scholarship.

All students enrolled in the previous semester are eligible to receive Merit-Based Scholarships and are awarded scholarship amounts based on their CGPA or CBGPA, whichever is higher. Students looking to improve their scholarship status should refer to the table below for the requirements necessary for a Continuing Student Merit-Based Scholarship. (See below Table). Students who are not enrolled in the previous semester are not eligible for Continuing Student Merit Scholarships.

*All scholarships are tuition-based. There is no financial aid available for cost of living expenses like dormitory, meal plans, books, medical insurance, student activity fees, and other living expenses. These other costs are not covered by Admissions or Merit-based scholarships and these expenses are borne by the applicants.

CGPA or CBGPA (higher of the two) Tuition Scholarship
4.50 100%
4.25-4.49 70%
4.00-4.24 60%
3.75-3.99 40%
3.60-3.74 30%

* See below for eligibility criteria

#1: Enrolled in the previous semester
#2: Minimum of 15-credit load of courses with no “F” in any courses.
#3: Not eligible if all courses are Pass/Fail.