Continuing Student Merit Scholarship

The minimum GPA standard (Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) or Combined Grade Point Average (CBGPA)) for both new and continuing students required to automatically retain their Admissions or Continuing Merit Scholarship from the previous assessment period will be a CGPA or CBGPA of at least 3.60.

Students who are unable to maintain their Admission or Merit-based Scholarship in a previous assessment period or seeking an award increase based upon earning a higher CGPA or CBGPA may be eligible for a Merit-based Scholarship following the Scholarship Bracket below:

All scholarships are tuition based. There is no financial aid available for cost of living expenses. This includes the dormitory, costs of meals, books, medical insurance, student activity fees, and other living expenses. Even if an applicant is granted a scholarship, they still must be able to pay for their other expenses

GPA Tuition Scholarship
4.5 100%
4.25-4.49 70%
4.00-4.24 60%
3.75-3.99 40%
3.00-3.74 30%