JW Kim College of Future Studies (JCFS) is the newest addition to the eight colleges belonging to Woosong University (WSU). While JCFS is new, WSU has a long and respected history. WSU belongs to the Woosong Education Foundation which was established in 1954, located in Daejeon, South Korea, and has a long history of outstanding work in education, teaching and training with more than 12,000 students, and 780 professors.

WSU is a specialized university, providing curriculum based on practice and theory. The University has been ranked as an autonomous, top tier university by the Korean Ministry of Education. It currently boasts four international schools: JCFS, SolBridge International School of Business, Sol International School, and Endicott College of International Studies. In addition, WSU have four Korean schools including College of Railroad Transportation, College of Digital Media, College of Hotel and Culinary and College of Health and Welfare. Since the establishment of the university in 1995, WSU has signed more than 400 Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with universities and institutions in more than 60 countries. Collaborative programs include joint research, dual degree, student exchange, and study abroad among other programs.

WSU belongs to a larger group of educational institutions under Woosong Education Foundation. Woosong Education Foundation is a solid and dynamic institution with significant contributions to Korean society. Woosong Education Foundation has established Woosong University, Woosong Technical College, Woosong Information College, Woosong Language Institute, Seodaejeon High School, Woosong High School, Woosong Middle School and several other institutions.

The founder of Woosong Education Foundation is JW Kim, who started the foundation’s first step with a clear vision:
“We exhort our students to devote themselves to society, accepting the continual search for the truth. Encouragement of personal growth assures that our graduates will have the skills and the motivation they can be proud of. Our school will always uphold the same ideals we foster in our students and set new standards for education in Korea.”

JCFS bears the name of the founder of Woosong Education Foundation with the aim to set new standards for education. In fact, it is the vision of JCFS to form the future of university education in Asia. JCFS’s new and unique educational system inherits and extends the innovative spirit of Woosong, providing education for the leaders of the future.

International Student body with: 60 different nationalities