The JCFS Difference

Imagine yourself as a college student, waking up in a foreign country you’ve never been to and taking classes from world-class experts who live on a different continent. After taking online classes, you immerse yourself in self-learning in the afternoon, and then meet up with your fellow students who have come from diverse international backgrounds to work on team-based projects. With this international group of friends, you travel and live in different countries around the world. Now imagine that it is your last semester before graduation, you are working on a real-world project with a real company that is expecting real answers to real problems. You gain practical experiences that give you advantages as you start your career.

Does this idea sound too idealistic? But there is a university that will turn the ideals into a reality. It is JW Kim College of Future Studies (JCFS).

JCFS is not like any other university in Asia. In JCFS, you will accumulate critical knowledge in cutting-edge technologies, gain global experience in multiple countries, and solve real-world problems while being supported by our innovative on/off-line hybrid learning platform and student-centric agile curriculum. To offer you this truly unique form of university education, JCFS will transcend all boundaries of traditional university education - the boundary of geography, the boundary of strict curriculum, and the boundary between academia and real-world business.

If you want to learn skills and expand your knowledge on significant concepts in different places of the world, and if you are willing to transcend your boundaries to become a leader of the future, JCFS is a great fit.