The JCFS Difference

The difference in JW Kim College of Future Studies is in our approach to education. Our program is designed with a global student-centric approach and agile curriculum that provides our graduates with the skills they need in the dynamic environment of today’s technology industry. In addition, while our curriculum teaches technical skills that are similar to those of other programs, here at JCFS, we also focus on the soft skills that employers find essential.

"College graduates "ability to work in teams" and "critical thinking skills" are rated as the most important skill by employers with more than 60% of employers believing they are "very important" with another 31% and 35% rating them as 'somewhat important' respectively."

- Employer Report 2021, The American Association of Colleges and Universities - 

These soft skills include providing opportunities for our students to enhance their ability to lead. Industry experts have noted that new graduates often lack the ability to immediately step into leadership roles due to a lack of experience. That is why at JCFS we focus on creating innovative leaders with actual global experiences. Our global campuses, in places like Germany, provide opportunities to develop your critical and creative thinking, communication, and leadership skills. Live and work together as a cohort as you strive to complete projects and explore new cultures. Gain experience as you navigate new environments with access to world-renowned facilities and research institutes while being supported by our innovative on/off-line hybrid learning platform.

JCFS’s technology-based curriculum combined with our team-based and project-oriented teaching methods provide the leadership opportunities and management skills employers need. Our program is specifically designed to give you the crucial lessons and experience of heading a team or project, so you have the skills and confidence to take the lead on projects and stand out from other new hires. With experiences designed to boost your career after graduation, JCFS provides you with a unique chance to intern at the renowned German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence . Have a real impact and take learning beyond the boundaries of your typical classroom. 

If you are ready to push yourself and apply all of your lessons and experiences in new and exciting areas, join us at JCFS.