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Special Lecture on Machine and Deep Learning 첨부파일

writer : administrator | Date : 2021.09.17 | Hits : 519

On Wednesday, September 9, our JW Kim College students participated in a special session about AI and the technology world. They were joined by students from universities from five different countries (Korea, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam). Dr. Madhusudan Singh designed a special lecture to prepare students for their "AI in the Area of Digital Transformation" class. 

This event was separated into two sections. The first section was a lecture by Dr. Singh, where he discussed the importance of Artificial Intelligence (machine learning and deep learning). It showed how machine/deep learning is influencing and shaping AI during the developing 4th industrial revolution. Students got an introduction to various technologies and applications and how they are classified to fit into the needs/wants of the user base. The lecture also covered the basics of how data analytics is utilized for gaining statical relevant information to use to our benefit. The main goal is to determine and develop technology that can create a seamless integration into our everyday lives.  


The second section was a practical lesson where students got to use drones, VR, and understand the type of programming that goes into robotics. Students were able to contextualize the first lecture and see how the various parts of what they learned can be applied to the real world. Activities like this give JCFS graduates a more concrete understanding of machine learning and deep learning. Understanding of these concepts will lead to positions in various fields such as digital marketing directors, database managers, system architects, embedded systems and firmware engineers, etc.

All students seemed to especially enjoy the hands-on portion of the lecture.  Getting to utilize our department's resources gives our students a great insite to all this field has to offer.